Death WIP

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Shush Patrol

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Anya Flashback Scene

I am obsessed with the act of flying. I love planes, helicopters, birds, some bugs, leaves (for about ten seconds), clouds, and Spyro the Dragon, even though he never actually flew, just sort of glided around. I like Pegasuses (Pegasi?), but not unicorns. I want to design and build my own jetpack and hoverboard. Anything that gets me off the ground.

Consequently, this has also fostered within me a love for wings. Which is why I often put SO MUCH TIME into my character, Anya. I’ve already got her opening scenes all ready to go…and she’s not even the main character.

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Proof that I spend too much time commuting

This program determines the amount of time I spend
on weekly activities in relation to each other,
such as eating, sleeping, working, studying,
wandering around, etc.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int weekhours = 168,
workweek = 16,
schoolweek = 16,
studyweek = 15,
sleepweek = 35,
eatweek = 17,
commuteweek = 20,
allweek = workweek + schoolweek + studyweek + sleepweek + eatweek + commuteweek;

cout << “There are ” <<weekhours << ” hours in the week.” ;
cout << “I spend ” <<workweek + schoolweek << ” of them at work and school.” ;

cout << “I spend ” <<studyweek << ” more of them studying.” ;
cout << “I commute for ” <<commuteweek << ” hours,”;
cout << “and spend a total of ” << sleepweek + eatweek << ” hours sleep and eating.” ;
cout << “All these things leave me with ” << weekhours – allweek << ” hours in the ” ;
cout << ” week.\n”;
return 0;

-bash-3.2$ aCC -AA dailyactivities.cpp
-bash-3.2$ a.out
There are 168 hours in the week.I spend 32 of them at work and school.I spend 15 more of them studying.I commute for 20 hours,and spend a total of 52 hours sleep and eating.All these things leave me with 49 hours in theย  week.

I spend more time commuting than most part-timers do at their own jobs…

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My roommate tipped me off to a project my previous instructor’s boss was planning a while back, a cartoon about presidential dogs. It was called Yo Bo! and, of course, centered around President Obama’s new dog, Bo.

Before I go on to post the character designs…J-dorama Celeb to Binbo Taro has something to say about Obama:

[Big-eared tan Japanese guy = the closest to Obama-ness you can get in Japan.]

Anyway, here are the initial character sheets.

As I said earlier, my roommate brought me on-board with this to help him meet the deadline in time. There was a short written description of each character, and very loose guidelines. All they wanted were “quirky, cartoon dog characters with personality.” When it comes to dogs I’m better at creating some Oliver & Company-style realism, and my roommate hadn’t really drawn dogs before, so we had to meet each other halfway in terms of style. I’m sure that’s pretty obvious, but collaborating on artwork is pretty much what I live for, so not being perfectly in sync wasn’t really a big deal.

We were only asked for initial sketches, there were four other people asked to do them as well, nobody got paid, and as far as we know, nobody got any calls back, so either we all got used or the animation idea fell through.

But hey, that’s why we do it for the love and not the money, now isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

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New Scribd Hotness: Animation How-Tos’

Hey guys, I just posted a collection of PDF’s over a Scrib’d: just about everything you’ve ever needed to know about animation, composition, and action. Enjoy!

Click here for the Entertainment PDF Collection written by Eric Larson.

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Japan, Black People, and “You People”


So I was surfin’ the web this fine evening, attempting to get myself psyched for the soul-sucking process of homeworking til I drop, then waking up groggy and drudging off to work in the morning, when I haphazardly stumbled upon this:

Is that Mr. Popo?

Now, I’m sure most native Japanese people know next to nothing about the more volatile points of American history, such as slavery and the days of bold, oblivious racism. That’s to be expected. But usually, when a potentially insulting franchise emerges from the cesspool that is ignorance, it surfaces with at least some semblance of a disguise to it.

But this is right here, in my face, right now. It says it right there in red on black: Chibikuro Sanbo, or “Little Black Sambo.”

Briefly livid, I went on a Google rampage and found this TIME magazine article illustrating the racially insensitive remarks and attitudes Japan generally reserves for non-Japanese. In case you don’t feel like blog-skimming, here’s a few gems from said article:

“[F]ormer Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone suggested that black and Hispanic Americans were lowering U.S. literacy and intelligence rates”

“Jefferson adds that a landlord refused to show him housing because the rules prohibited rentals to models, TV personalities, bar girls — and blacks. When Jefferson asked why blacks were excluded, he was told, ‘Because when two or three of them get together, they don’t know how to act.'”

“‘Blacks appear to have a wild side that seems beyond normal human strength.'”

Yes, Japan. ALL Black people are this awesome.

Giant, billowing 'fros and strategically-placed longswords are another common misconception of black men.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading and seeing, so my Google frenzy continued. This time I got a little clever. I wanted to know the general Japanese consensus on what a Black person really is, so I turned to the most reliable source…Wikipedia Japan. ๐Ÿ˜› I searched Wikipedia Japan for “African American” to see what came up.

It redirected me to ใƒใ‚ฐใƒญใ‚คใƒ‰: “negroid.” Well, yeah, I suppose that really is a legitimate word.

With what I read on that TIME magazine article, I didn’t expect the Japanese Wikipedia to have anything on derogatory terms used against black people. But, lo and behold, my Opportunity of the Day to find something to be all mad about flew out the window. There was an entire category dedicated to political correctness.

Hm…why don’t we do that here in America? You know: put up an online Political Correctness manual. Let’s call it, “How Not to Get Your Ass Whupped in Public.” Or better yet, “Things to Say Instead of ‘You People.'”

I shit you not, this would SO end 70% of random fights I see in front of the bus stop by my house.

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Final Textures – Funeral Scene

I should seriously catalog my recent work better.

This is the final scene from my Texture & Lighting course last…well, year. I was pretty proud of it back then. It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything lately. In fact, I’m been doing a lot. Which is why I haven’t posted anything. Funny how that works. ๐Ÿ˜›

I’m trying to get a little more rounded-off in my studies this year, which means I’m taking some programming courses to go along with my digital design and traditional artistic foundations. C++ this year, I’ll continue next semester if I like it. After that, MEL and Python. Then maybe some Java. Not looking forward to the Java.

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Final Maps [3D]

This assignment was a true eye-opener.

The thing about going to Ex’pression is, you learn too much in too little time. I had no idea what the process of texturing and lighting pertained to before taking this 5-week class. In a very, very short amount of time, we learned different methods of UVing, unwrapping, texturing, grunging, lighting indoor and outdoor scenes, creating shaders…what should have been years worth of instruction, 8 hours a day, 3 days a week, for five weeks. (Well, we took half a day off to go see A Christmas Carol in IMAX 3D…but still, only half a day.)

It’s always been an incredible experience, taking classes at Ex’pression, if not heartwrenchingly riddled with social awkwardness and stress. Lots of stress. You can’t have a dayjob and go to Ex’pression, which is why I had to drop out (temporarily, I hope). As I said, you spend AT LEAST 8 hours a day, three days a week, in class ALONE. Measure in all that homework, which they BOMBARD you with — maybe six, seven hours worth, double that if you’re double-tracking classes — and those midterms and finals you stayed up 56 straight hours to finish at the end of the term…you will undoubtedly LIVE at school. You will forget to eat. You will seldom shower. And no one will find you gross, because they’ve been through it, too.

Except what few girls are at Ex’pression. We like when the boys around here shower.

JP was an awesome instructor. Although this was my very first human model texture job EVER, I feel like the bump and specs came out well, and the colors themselves were excellent. Finding images online and meshing them together to form something completely different — collaging, essentially — was my favorite method I learned from him. For my model’s crown I simply Googled “phoenix tribal” and “rust,” grabbed some interesting textures and shapes, and bam — have at it. It was great. With a little practice…well, a LOT of practice, I hope I’ll get somewhere great with this.

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Let’s have some Morbid Irony…

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